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RH-7002 VDE插头20N夹持力检验装置

产品名称:RH-7002 VDE插头20N夹持力检验装置




RH-7002 VDE插头20N夹持力检验装置
依PM375E VDE 0620, 0625, 0626-2010 第3.3.2节要求,在例行耐压测试中需要施加20N的夹持力在试验插头上。
PM375E VDE 0620, 0625, 0626-2010要求,
3.3.2 Contour check
It shall be checked that live parts, e. g. loose strands, are not accessible.
If this danger cannot be prevented by the construction itself and suitable manufacturing
processes, the following test or a similar one (e. g. impulse voltage test) shall be performed:
The endangered parts of plug and socket outlet surfaces, except the engagement face of
plugs, are scanned by adjusted electrodes and a pressure force of 20 N, applying to live
parts of the plugs and socket outlets a voltage of AC 2000 V (r. m. s. value) for at least 1 s.
Neither a flash-over nor a breakdown shall occur.

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